Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet and Greet!

Happy labor day. The day we all get to labor. No, that's not right. The day off from labor. Because working 364 days a year is tough. For real.

Anyway, today is Meet and Greet for the GUTGAA. Yay! Check out Deanna Barnhart's blog for more info. So for those of you who have geared and met and popped over to say hi, 'how you doin'?'

View detailsShort bio first.

I live in Seattle now (mostly because of the movie Singles...wasn't that a great movie?), but was born and raised a California girl. Yep. David Lee Roth loved me. I have a ton of passions, and the list is long, so I will attempt to keep it on the shorter side.

animals,nature,Photographs,sealsFirst, I studied marine biology in college and was going to be a marine biologist, until I realized after failing organic chemistry twice, it might not be for me. I spent years volunteering and working in internships for National Marine Fishery Service, Marine Mammal Rehabilitation, Seattle Aquarium, San Pedro Aquarium and was active in a college group called MMRG (Marine Mammal Research Group). So I can tell you more than you probably ever wanted to know about studying sea otter poop and what a bite from a harbor seal can do to your knee. Intibating a seal? Done it. Necropsy on sea lions? Yep. Anyway, loved it and it still is near and dear to my heart. That guy right there? He's cute no? Elephant seal pup. Huge and stinky. Miss these guys.

Second, I love to teach. I teach 8th graders English. People say I am crazy to work with middle schoolers, and that could well be the truth. But I love it. The kids are great, even though they drive me bonkers and they push me and challenge me to become a better person and teacher. Truly, I am their student just as much as they are mine. I'm glad to say I've made life long connections with many of them, and I am there to watch them graduate. Yeah, teaching is pretty cool. Having summer's off isn't too shabby either.

In addition, I am a freak over the show LOST. I am a LOST junkie. I collect the figurines. I've been a Dharma scientist two years running, and I even planned a family trip to Oahu so I could go and visit the filming locations. It was so COOL! I am a Jack fan, and he can play Doctor with me any day. Although Desmond (see you in another life, brotha) and Sawyer rock it too. And Hurley. And Jin. Okay, they all are amazing! Why, oh why, did that show have to end. There has never and probably will never be anything else like it on tv. It was a show that truly pushed my intellect. I learned a lot about writing from that show as well. Fabulous writers. I kinda have a crush on Damon Lindelof. Not gonna lie. That's my daughter. Yep. She is standing on THE Dharma sub. Right where Juliet stood. Cool.

My family is another passion. I have a wonderful six almost seven year old who amazes me every day. She is my world. I adore her. Actually, she is why I started writing. I wanted there to be books out there for girls like her that are feisty and independent. Strong female characters who don’t only think about love, friends, and other people, but characters who put themselves first. Ones who aren't afraid to go for what they want.

That's me. In a nutshell.

Now for the GUTGAA questions:

-Where do you write?
Usually at my kitchen table. I need an office. What I would give for a private writing space. (I say this as the dishwasher is on, my husband is washing dishes, and my kid is on the couch. Asking for more fruit snacks.

-Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?
My tablecloth. I keep the table clear of clutter. I guess there is a bottle of diet Pepsi too. :)

-Favorite time to write?
At night, when the kiddo is in bed. Yelling down. "Mom, can I have some more ice water?" "Go to bed!"

-Drink of choice while writing?
Ummm. Diet Pepsi. And cabernet. Not together. And not in that order.

-When writing , do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?
SILENCIO, por favor! Anything around me drives me bonkers. Although some scenes I have written with low background music. Pandora…the Death Cab for Cutie Station. Or maybe Coldplay.

-What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?
Wow. I knew I wanted to do a modern retell of a fairy tale. Snow White had been DTD, same with Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. So, I thought Ariel needs some new life. I thought of the title first. Speechless. Then the rest kind of evolved. I'm really liking the way it's shaping up. And I love my MC, Lorelei.

-What's your most valuable writing tip?
View detailsGet critique partners. A few good ones are worth gold. I have some now that are fabulous and catch things no one else, including me, have caught. I'd be lost without them.

So, there it is. Me. On a page. Wow. I look a lot different than I imagined.

Nice to meet you. Comment on me and I will for sure visit your page. Love to give the love back, you know what I mean?



  1. I can't even imagine taking chemistry (ELA teacher). Math scares the crap out of me. I'm your newest follower! Very nice to meet you. :)


  2. Haha, I totally use Coldplay for background music sometimes, too!

    I love the title for your WIP, btw. It's simple, but perfect!

  3. Yes! CPs are SO needed. Great advice!

  4. Thanks Kelly and Mere.
    Love Coldplay. :)

  5. Ok, I love you already. lol
    I LOVED Singles when I was in my early 20s and wanted so badly to move to Seattle. I also wanted to be a marine biologist for most of my life, but knew the math would be too much, so settled for being a scuba diver instead.
    I was such a LOST addict. I learned so much about character development from that show. AND, my family and I JUST got back from Oahu a week ago. And I did not know you could visit the sets. We even talked about it while we were driving back and forth from the north shore. Where the heck was it?? Oh well, next time.
    I considered doing a retelling of Little Mermaid for awhile--something in reverse. But I'll prolly never get to it since I have a gazillion other stories in my head all begging to be written too.
    Great to meet you! See ya round the GUTGAA! :D

  6. I wanted to be a zoologist, but I ended up with a degree in Anthropology. After a summer job as a field assistant for an archeologist, I decided I was more of an indoor person. Of course, now I'm in law enforcement, lol. I also loved LOST. .

  7. Hey...don't I know you?! XD Ah, it was the biology connection, now I get it!! Although I centered around genetics. Good start..and do I get to peek at Lorelei when you're done? Huh? Huh? Please??

  8. But of course T! :) Although I'm still bustin my butt on getting Nora pubbed. Sheesh, this is tough.

    @PK...we must be sisters from another mister. I'll be stopping by your blog soon!

    You too @Angie. And of course, science major to law...somehow, it makes sense! lol!

  9. Nice to meet you! I'm up a little from you on Vancouver Island, but it's nice to meet another west coaster. See you around GUTGAA!

  10. Yay for Lost! I still miss it. And one of my besties (besties since middle school!) has her doctorate in Marine Bioligy. She's stationed out of Boston and does a lot of work with Right whales.

  11. I'm in western Washington too! I don't think I've ever seen Singles, or heard of it. Huh. And I agree, a good critique partner is like gold. :)

  12. Love the title for your Ariel twist! The Little Mermaid has always been one of my faves. Nice to *meet* you.

  13. Your novel sounds very cool. I love remade fairy tales. I have a degree in biology--and the o-chem was nearly the death of me. Nice to meet you.

  14. Love your bio - sounds fascinating. Good luck with GUTGAA.
    Kat :)

  15. OMG You made me crack up more times than I can count. I'd read your stuff just based on your meet and greet. Coolness. "My kid is on the couch. Asking for fruit snacks." BWAHAHAHA.

    Ok. I'm done giggling. See you around the blog-world! =)

  16. I once shared your dream of wanting to work with marine wildlife. I wanted to be a marine mammal trainer. However, realizing that my inablity to swim would probably hold me back, I gave up long before I began chasing after such a dream. I love that you had so much experience with wonderful creatures of the water, and what a cute little elephant seal. You sound very passionate about your daughter and your family and I know how you feel, having two wonderful little monsters of my own. Nice to meet you and happy writing :)

  17. Hey Carey - loved reading your Meet n Greet post and getting to know you better. I sense great things are in store for you and I love being able to watch it happen! Good luck, girl!

  18. I loved Singles and of course the soundtrack because I was into Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and all that. I haven't seen that movie in years! I wish you lots of luck with your writing. The fairy tale retellings are really cool when a new spin is put on it. I give you credit for taking a leap with reinventing one, that's super cool. I still sing songs from the Disney version of The Little Mermaid :)


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