Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Not To Write

Insert Stacy and Clinton here.
So apparently campy fun women's fiction doesn’t have the lure it once had. I'm talking chick lit here. So all chick hating people can exit, stage left. I write chick lit. It's fun because I can put my humor in the story and it comes off well. 

Can you imagine getting into a great sci fi book and having this conversation:

Brock lifted the corner of the transmogrificator, and peeked in. The blue laser shot out and shone against the wall, obliterating a fly that had stupidly flown through the light.

"Damn, that thing really works" he said, eyes wide and face flushed.

"Yeah," Andromeda replied, "I told you it would."

" So, why do your parents have this? Here?"

"If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me."

"Tell me anyway." Brock leaned in, eyes ablaze with wonder.

"Remember when I told you they were in the military?"

"Uh, huh."

"Well…that part is true, only I kind of fudged some of it." Andromeda glanced at the floor, then peeked back up to gauge Brock's reaction.

"Just get it over with, Andy. You're killing me here." Exasperated, Brock ran his fingers through his auburn hair.

"They are in an elite group called the Adironidons, whose sole job it is to keep Earth safe from any other civilization that could harm them. And well, right now they are up to their necks in all this weapon stuff, like the transmogrificator because…are you ready?"

"I was ready ten minutes ago when I first asked you."

"We are about to be attacked by a group called the Ceylons. I've told you everything I know. Now I have to get ready for the dance, and you mister, need to get your tux on. You can't take me looking like that!"

Andromeda went to her closet, pulled out her Louis Vuitton clutch, a pair of Jimmy Choos, and her red Valentina gown. Stubbing a nail as she did so, she rolled her eyes.

"God, I hate when you mess up a perfectly great manicure."

See? It doesn’t work. And that is about all the sci fi I can do. If I had to get anymore in depth, I would have crumbled.

So, my personal What Not To Write?

Sci fi. Definitely.

Fantasy. Not sure, I would have to have a pretty amazing idea which right now, I got nothin'.

Historical Fiction. Blech. No offense to history, after all it did happen, I just don’t care enough to write about it.

Literary? No, I am not that good at lyrical prose.

YA? God help me, I am trying to come up with an idea. I have a few. But, it just doesn’t seem to pull me in and say WRITE ME the way chick lit does.

What to write? I have some ideas. REMOVED IDEAS PREVIOUSLY POSTED. Sadly, there are trolls who will snatch unsuspecting writers' ideas. So, I am learning to be careful.

So, there it is. Hmmm. Lots of choices. So…what do you think?


  1. The Speechless one sounds great! I'd go for that one. :)

  2. I'm impressed by all your awesome ideas! I like #6 the best, personally.
    And I can't handle the heavy Sci Fi either - your chick lit version sounds great!

    1. Thanks. I may just have to try and write a campy fun sci fi for YA. Why the hell not? :)


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