Friday, July 6, 2012

Okay. I admit it. This week was a fail in my blogging life. But come on! It was an anniversary of the creation of America, people. So I hope that affords me a break.

Now, to the Friday blog. I believe I said this would be media and news related. So...let me check the news.

Here is what I found. Is good no? You are reading this right. Apparently, back when people had their crap together, women would try to gain weight. I know...crazy. Men used to think women with a little meat on their bones was sexy. Go figure.

Sex Appeal

Why Be Skinny?Today, we are the opposite. (duh...we know this.) But what I wonder is...with all fads circling back at sometime (see neon and skinny jeans for evidence), when will the fad of being too thin be over? When will the larger woman become the "new thing" again?

Mind you, I am not saying people should go around trying to be unhealthy. I am just saying people should be able to wear a size 8 or 10 and not feel like they need to drop to a size 2 to be considered sexy.

The OTHER big news this week...yes, TomKat is finis. Kaput. So sad. Poor Katie's fantasy about the whitey tightie wearing hunk with sunglasses is now fodder for the kitty litter bin. It is a tad weird that all Cruise's exes have all been 33 when divorced. Strange. I wonder what that's all about.

I get that she wanted out because he is a little more Michael Jackson than Leo DiCaprio, but shouldn't she have seen that, I dunno, when he forced her into Scientology and said she couldn't have Suri with drugs? Oh, and the whole 'be quiet while in labor thing'...I would have been pissed about that one too. Risky Business, indeed, Thomas.

Well, with the celebration of the country over, I guess I will need to get back to this business of writing. I really need to pour myself into a new manuscript. My YA novel is in "I can't get past this sentence mode" and it is hard to write the sequel to a book that hasn't even garnered a full request yet. But my characters are in my head and need to be released. So maybe I will bite the bullet and just start. Sigh.

I think it will start like this:

Shit. It's happening again. Just when I seem to get myself out of oncoming traffic, my metaphorical car veers to the other side, approaching a head-on collision full speed. This time, at least, he doesn't live next door. Nope, this time, it's my co-worker's "we're-really-serious-we-live-together-I-think-he's-gonna-propose-soon" boyfriend. Shit.

Okay...there. It's started. :) Resume day. See you Monday!

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