Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Memory Project

Hello all. I am super jazzed to tell you about an upcoming project that I am hosting on my blog. It's called "The Memory Project" and here is the gist.

I asked a few of my fellow wonderful and talented writer friends if they would be interested in contributing to a short story collection in the tradition of the great Josh Hewitt. Actually, after World's End…well…ended, I was depressed. I had so looked forward to seeing what all my friends (and some new at the time) had written that when it was over, I kinda had the same sads as when LOST ended. YEAH! FOR REALS! IT WAS ALMOST AS BAD!

So, it wasn't long after that I decided to do something similar. It might not be as epically awesome as Josh's, but I could put together something. So I enlisted Josh to help me brainstorm some ideas. I think what I came up with (and he approved of) was pretty damn intriguing. But even cooler, is how it became something completely different after all was said and done.

Here is the premise:

A girl finds a scrapbook in an old abandoned house, opens it, and she looks through it, and we as readers get to experience the things that happened in those pictures, through this girl flipping through pages. BUT then I thought it would be cool to have objects, and these would be held in a suitcase, along with the scrapbook.

So every writer was given a picture or an item that they would write about. The only rule was that it had to be about the picture somehow. Other than that, I left them to their own creativity.

Then I read Josh's story. And I knew it would be good, but I did not expect the twist and turn that it took me and thus altered the direction of the project. Add to this that the writers I asked to participate are all so completely different in scope and genre, that this project soon took on a life of its own. No longer was it about the scrapbook, but the suitcase that held it and the rest of the contents.

I don't want to spoil it, but I will say this: it will take you readers on a journey through space and time, between worlds both within our realm and out. It will make you laugh, cry, fear, and tense. All good, hearty feelings that make you feel alive.

It's what would happen if Twilight Zone and Ray Bradbury had a baby who grew up to be a Twilight Vampire but met Eric Northern and Sookie Stackhouse. With a little Cameron Crowe thrown in for some sweetness. So, basically epic.

So, if you are waiting for when it will go live…

Why Friday? Because what better night then on a #writeclub night? Right? I thought so, too. Then a story along with the picture it was inspired by will be released every other day after that.

Here are the talented writers that agreed to join this project. Follow them all on twitter for awesome.

Beau Barnett               @INukeYou
Julie Elizabeth Hill   @jlizhill
Megan Paasch            @MeganPaasch
Trisha Schmidt          @seeredwrite
Andrew Patterson     @M_A_Patterson
Megan Orsini               @morsini
Josh Hewitt                  @the_j_hewitt
Reggie Scott Whitley@societyofsix
Dee Romito                  @writeforapples
Julie Marcinek            @jmarcinikglsd
Jess Montgomery      @JessyMontgomery
Julie Hutchings           @HutchingsJulie
Kristen Strassel           @KristenStrassel
Angi Black                     @AngiNicole722
Suzan Teall Headley @WhiteGardenia27
Darci Cole                      @darci_cole
Amy Trueblood          @atrueblood5
Amanda Aszman         @AmandaShayne
Kasey Leavitt               @thedharmadiva
Jessica Meyers            @mixeduppainter

Follow the hashtag #TheMemoryProject and me, @CareyTorg for more information!

Lates. xoxo


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