Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So, I did it. I started a blog. I feel like an official writer now. I am all...writerly and stuff. Cool. Now I too can invade your Google search as you look for things like puppies and cupcakes, except you will find this. Hopefully it gives you a laugh. Maybe you'll gain some new knowledge. Maybe you will just click the back button. Who knows? It is all a great experimental and beautiful thing.

So, on to what matters to me most right now. My book. Ahem...my manuscript (I say in a snarky I am a real writer and that is what real writers call it tone) So, instead of revising Ch 2 (which is what I should be doing since I am typing for goodness sake) I am creating this blog. Don't really know why, except that I am scared as hell to start messing around with the perfection of my draft. Cough cough. See what I did there? I really have no belief my manuscript is perfect, so why am I not doing it? I am not sure. I think I fear that when I start changing one part, it is totally going to mess with the other parts. Then I am in for some big time revising.

And here I am worrying about the query...all this time. Pish posh.

I guess what I learned is that writing the @#%& query has made me focus more on a) the plot and conflicts of my book and b) forced me to focus on what might be some weaknesses or at least I am flushing out my important ideas and c) made me realize I need to go back and revise. Sigh. I thought I was done. Nope. Not yet. Which makes me happy as pie that my first 5 queries that were craptastic was just that...5 and no more. Had I sent them all out...I would be writing a new book right now. (which incidentally and coincidentally I am) But I digress...those queries were so fantastically horrible, that I am only now realizing it.

Thank god for sites like Agent Query Connect and Query Tracker. They set me straight quick-like. Yay them. If you are a serious writer and want to get your feet wet and see what the whole writing world is about...start there. Wow. I will never look at a published book in the same way. Ever.

It is astounding that anything gets published these days.

Ok...that is good for a launch. Gotta go. Ch 2 awaits. Again. But this time, it is gonna be funny as hell. Maniacal laugh...maniacal laugh.

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